Low Cholesterol Diet | The Red Herring!

Low Cholesterol Diet | LabelsPart 1: When following a Low Cholesterol Diet some people mistakenly try and reduce their high cholesterol levels by reducing the foods they eat that contain saturated fat.

Sadly this is not the path to follow as it brings its own problems to your health.

You see, your liver produces its own cholesterol; approximately 75% is produced by the liver.

Food containing cholesterol play a minor role in creating high cholesterol levels; by eating less cholesterol in your diet your liver just increases its production.

Your body also recycles cholesterol by returning it to the liver so it can be reused; your body does this because cholesterol is vital for our body. Every cell in your body relies upon cholesterol.

Please refer to my article High Cholesterol the Real Facts, for more information.

You are probably now wondering how to go about reducing your high cholesterol levels and what Low Cholesterol Diet you need to follow. Read more

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan Part 1

Pre Diabetes Diet Plan | Place SettingOne in four adults in Australia over the age of 25 has either prediabetes or diabetes. Are you one of them? I certainly was.

Sadly when I had prediabetes my results were ignored, it was only when I had progressed to having diabetes that my Doctor told me that I had to watch my blood sugar levels.

If you have prediabetes you have the opportunity to reverse your diagnosis of prediabetes through following a pre diabetes diet plan.

But before I jump into details let me explain the basis for any pre diabetes diet plan that you choose to follow as having an understanding of what prediabetes is will give you the best chance at continuing to follow a diet.

So maybe your Doctor has told you that you have prediabetes and he might have explained to you that you have a 1 in 3 chance of developing type 2 diabetes if you continue with your current lifestyle. Read more

Food Coach Brisbane | For you and those you love.

Food Coach BrisbaneIf you suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or pre diabetes then it’s time to consider having your own Food Coach.

A Food coach may also be a great benefit to help you reach that weight loss goal that you are trying so hard to accomplish, by educating you on what foods are best for you and what foods that you need to avoid.

A Food Coach can help you make sure that you are eating the foods that are going to benefit you as an individual and suit your personality, lifestyle and genetics.

There are many foods that those with high blood pressure or high cholesterol or diabetes should be avoiding and there are many foods that are beneficial to those who suffer from these medical conditions.

A little guidance can give you the reassurance that you need to know that the choices you make are going to increase your health rather than decrease it. Read more

Diabetic Diet Plan The Easy Way.

Diabetic Diet PlanIntroduction: A Diabetic Diet Plan can assist you in beating Type 2 Diabetes

Before we go any further it is important to understand that Diabetes is the number one cause of amputation to limbs in Australia and my Diabetic Diet Plan can be of assistance

Some problems that occur due to Diabetes are blindness, kidney failure, nerve and vascular damage.

Sadly every half a minute in the world someone has a leg amputated due to diabetes. Ignoring this disease is dangerous and can lead to devastating consequences

Diabetes consequences can almost be completely avoided. Simple changes in your lifestyle can make all the difference in the world to you and your loved ones Read more

Normal Blood Glucose Levels in Australia

Blood Glucose TestNormal Blood Glucose Levels

The normal blood glucose levels in a healthy individual must be between a minimum of 3.6 and a maximum of 6 mmol/L when fasting. Levels are best checked first thing in the morning in order to get a fasting reading. By fasting this means you have gone 8 hours without any food or drink, apart from water.

After meals normal blood glucose levels should be 7.8 mmol/L or less.

In Australia blood glucose levels are measured in mmol/L (millimoles per litre) in America they are measured in mg/dl (milligrams per decilitre).

To get the American measurement of mg/dl multiply the Australian mmol/L by 18 to give an approximate reading. Therefore 3.6 mmol/L  X  18  =  64.8 mg/dl which is the approximate minimum normal blood glucose levels in America. Whereas in America maximum normal blood glucose levels would be approximately 140.4 mg/dl

Diabetes related complications can be life threatening and they can be avoided if people with diabetes spend time monitoring their blood glucose levels (BGLs) and try and keep them within the normal blood glucose levels range.

Blood glucose monitoring is a highly efficient diabetes management tool, which is helpful in providing you with a sense of control and freedom. Read more